[BETA] Presenting OneSmallStep.me, an exercise calculator for your daily life

This is an awesome new side project in the works.  The One Small Step exercise calculator can tell you how many calories you’ll burn by walking between places you already go throughout your day, week and life.  Just give it some simple information about yourself and it will even help you create a fitness plan that uses these short walks.

It works by calculating appropriate walking and bicycling routes between two places, such as your home and your office, then using some clever tricks of math to break that down into a caloric burn rate customized to your body.  Finally, it takes this information and further refines it until you are left with only one number:  Weeks Till You Lose 5 Pounds.

Why 5?  That’s just enough to get you started, and not so much that you feel intimidated.  Manage that mentality :)  Check out a couple screen shots below or get started using it now!  It costs absolutely nothing, but I do make money by including some affiliate links here and there.   The One Small Step exercise calculator.  Go geek out.

Did I help you today? If so, you can return the favor by tossing something in the tip jar. Pay what you want! You can also buy something from the Sleek Store, like your supplements for example.

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