Know Thyself. Know Thy Enemy & Maxim #2

Expect to screw up.  Expect moments of weakness.  These things happen.  Just don’t let them knock you off course.  A day of binge-eating at the Ben and Jerry’s factory doesn’t give you carte blanche to do the same tomorrow.  If anything, it means you need to hit it harder, tighten up, and move forward.   Ask yourself why you blew it, why you did what you did.  Did you crack under pressure or did you knowingly break compliance?

It's just a slice of cheesecake .Go on lad, just the tip.

Even after losing 50 LBS I still use eating as a form of control.  I hate to admit it but I sometimes blow out my diet unintentionally as a subconscious way of proving to myself that I’m the one in control.  It makes no sense, of course – what better way to demonstrate control than sticking to a diet?  That’s the trouble with all of this psychobabble – most of it is counterintuitive at best, and outright insane at worst.  Again, expect things like this to happen and realize it’s not just you.  Everyone feels that way sometimes.  For me, I just want to feel free, not a slave to my decisions.  It’s garbage, but at least I know my enemy – the crazy little man inside my head that friggin loves cheesecake and won’t take no for an answer.  Bastard.

My kryptonite foods are nachos, cheesecake and sushi.  My stress triggers usually relate to financial matters at work.   When a deal goes awry or one of my ventures hits a rough patch, guess what I do?  I hit the all-you-can-eat sushi buffet.  Listen – sometimes you gotta give the evil leprechaun in your head what he wants, or he will bore a hole in your skull and drive you crazy.

Sleek Geek Maxim #2: Know your stress triggers and your kryptonite foods.

As Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman once said, you need to hold yourself to “a kind of scientific integrity, a principle of scientific thought that corresponds to a kind of utter honesty.”  That’s why we take our measurements daily, record data, calculate derivative metrics, draw charts and share our experiences with others.  We want to strive towards that scientific integrity, a search for the truth rather than seeking an ego boost or a quick feel-good dopamine response.  Richard Feynman was a smart dude, apparently.  He also said something else, a quote you may recognize.  What is it?  You’ll see next time!

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