Indoor Exercises for Chicago’s Winter

My plants are dying and the days are getting shorter. Must be winter! Season of “man you got fat” and “pass the stuffing”. I for one embrace the seasons, and have decided that the lean sleek frame of summer needs to give way to a softer but stronger winter body. I walk at least 15-20 miles each week, mostly 1-3 mile round trips. In the winter, that’s a lot less feasible in Chicago. Although I’m working on an array of apparel and electronics designed to assist me in this process, I’m not going to pin my hopes on a few thermo-electric heater/cooler units and a silly hat.

I’m a believer in the cycles of the body. The mechanisms at work have done so successfully for a long time, so why mess with a good thing? We naturally seem to eat more, including the 2 bacchanalia stretching from October 31st until January 1st. We in norther hemisphere basically eat ourselves into a coma for 2 months, only to emerge fat and out of shape around February, just in time to complain that we’re all single and lonely.

Like I said, I for one embrace the seasons.

I’m going to be focusing on indoor exercises for the winter. I have a DIY Kettlebell, Yoga mat, rumble roller (which I’m not actually sure I like, but I’m trying) and a basketball (which serves as a great medicine ball and palming it is good hand exercise). Combining some yoga asana and adding free weights is an exhausting workout. I’m not trying to gain size, or I’d be doing heavy lifts. I’m trying to gain lean mass, but density and functional strength matter more than pure size. I need to be sure I’m using the calories I’m jamming in my face for the next 2 months.

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