Managing Your Mentality & Maxim #1

I have bad news for you.  It’s all in your head.  Maybe you carry most of your extra weight around your midsection, or maybe everything you eat goes right to your ass.  The truth is, you carry all your fat in the most vital organ in your body:  your brain.

That’s right, you have a big fat brain inside your big fat head.  But there’s also good news – this is a fixable problem.  A strong mental framework is the first step in the rebuilding process.  You’ve been destroying your body for years, in all likelihood, but it’s not because you’re stupid, weak or have bad genetics.  You’ve made poor choices due to bad information, lack of a support structure or a lack of commitment.  We’re fixing this.  Today.  You won’t see the results of your decision for weeks or months, maybe not for years if you’re really holding a lot of extra weight, but we’re fixing this now.

There are no asterisks in life, only scoreboards, and yours is currently reading "fat".

Let’s say you decided to murder an entire cheesecake* last night.  We’ll elaborate on why that doesn’t really matter next time, but for now let’s get one thing clear.  You ate it.  You exercised your volition as a human being, picked up the cake, and you ate it.  You don’t get to write down “250 LBS    *but it was a really stressful day and I massacred the entire dessert cart”.  No.  No asterisks.  Own it, take responsibility, and move past it.  My notes on my chart said something to the effect of, “ate like a pig with a new business partner.  Total destruction and I loved every minute of it.”

If you’re feeling bad about your profligate ways, just do better next time you pick up a fork.  You made a commitment to yourself and no amount of stressful days changes the facts.  Thus, we introduce our first and potentially most important rule of dropping weight the geeky way.

Sleek Geek Maxim #1 : The best fix for poor compliance is good compliance.

*Incidentally, if you’re going to binge on dessert, cheesecake is among the best possible ways to do it.  There’s tons of – wait for it – cheese – in cheesecake, which gives it some redeeming qualities.  I am not implying you need to head down to the nearest bakery and sign up for their loyalty program but once in a while is fine.

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