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Get Fit.  Get Geeky.


New to Sleek Geek, fitness, or just want a helping hand getting started? No worries, just follow along with us! We’ll walk you through the basics before we hand over the keys and let you drive.

Lost in translation?  We sometimes use abbreviations, acronyms and scientific jargon, but have no fear.  Our glossary is here to help!


Getting Geeky: Numbers Don’t Lie


What makes us geeky?  We’re math nerds, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.  We love numbers and we love using them to get what we want.  The good news is that you don’t have to know anything about math to get the most out of this site.  We do the work for you.  You’ll learn some basics while you go through the process, but even the most mathematically disinclined will receive the full value of our work.  ”Getting Geeky: Numbers Don’t Lie!” is a great introduction to the metrics and charts we use to track progress and stay motivated.

Want more nerd stuff?  Check out all our Statistics and Geekery posts!


The Maxims: Rules To Live By


A maxim is a saying, a proverb, or a guiding rule.  We’ve got a simple list of no-nonsense guidelines for you to follow that will ensure you stay on the right path.

Maxim 1:  The best fix for poor compliance is good compliance.

Maxim 2: Know your stress triggers and kryptonite foods.

Maxim 3: You’re the only person who can truly catch yourself in a lie.

We have an entire archive of maxims to keep you on-target.  Refer back to these any time you need an honest kick in the rear.


Browse The Archives


We’ve broken down our posts into categories for you so you can focus on the areas that you care about most.

  • Fundamentals - Need a refresher on the basics?  Start here.
  • Maxims - Just want the distilled wisdom that comes from years of experience and research?  These rules will keep you on the right track.
  • Mental - The body stores weight that the mind gains.  Your journey towards fitness begins between your ears, with the most powerful muscle in your body.
  • Social - It’s tough to be the odd one out when dining with friends.  We tackle this issue and more in our Social section.
  • Stats and Geekery - The heart of our method lies in science and calculation.  Check out our graphs, charts, spreadsheets and gadgets to really delve deeply into the geekery behind our madness.


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You’re on the way already.  Stick around and come back often.  You told yourself you wanted to get fit, and you’re going to do it.  Great things are coming.  Get excited.

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