BF% – Body Fat Percentage.  What percentage of your total body mass is fat mass?  This is the core metric of weight loss and the most accurate way to know if you’re losing fat, muscle, or water weight.  Measured by a variety of different methods.

Bikeshedding – The act of an uninformed person rendering an opinion despite any true knowledge on a subject.  Best described by Maxim #4.

Dietary Fat – The number you see when you read a food label.  This has little to no correlation to the generation of fat mass.

FM – Fat mass.  Adipose tissue, not dietary fat.  The jiggly stuff that hangs off your body that we all desperately wish would go away.  More electrically conductive than non-fat mass, which allows the use of bio-electric impedance to measure body fat percentage.

Minimum Effective Dose - In medicine, this is the smallest dosage of a given medication that will yield the intended result.  Though a larger dose may also yield this result, undesirable side effects may be exacerbated.  We apply this concept to all areas of fitness, considering factors like time, cost and effort to be “side effects”.  We aim to achieve an optimal balance between progress towards the goal and the resources required to get there.

NFM – Non-fat mass.  Bone, muscle, tendons, ligaments, water, undigested food and anything else in or on your body that is not adipose tissue.

Vector – A direction.  In our case, the direction of weight loss, muscle gain, or any other metric.

Velocity – The rate of change.  When paired with a vector you’ll know which way you’re going and how quickly.  Essential for motivation and accurate assessment of progress.

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